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January 2023

Navigating a Path in Submucosal Endoscopy: Learning from the Past and Forging Ahead
Amrita Sethi, Editor

In this issue, we are reminded of the origins of ESD as well as the considerations that must be made as we integrate the field into Western practice. We learn of indications and techniques of submucosal endoscopy for early neoplasms and submucosal lesions, in the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, colon, and rectum. Furthermore, we discuss resection of lesions not traditionally considered GI in nature but made possible by such techniques as TSE and EFTR. The expansive reach of the access created by the submucosal tunneling techniques in treating disorders that target muscular layers, such as achalasia, is thoroughly explored, including indications, outcomes, and techniques. For innovation to proceed, we must understand all aspects of submucosal endoscopy, including electrocautery principles, the tools currently available to perform these techniques, ways in which to manage adverse events, and how to consider training and measuring competency.

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